Downgrade from Asterisk 11.8.1 to 11.6

Initially i was using Asterisk 11.2. When i execute Yum update-y command on my centOS system, the Asterisk version went to 11.8.1. But i really need Version 11.6(Which is certified). Now my question is how to downgrade my asterisk to 11.6?

Is there any command to check the present version of Asterisk in CentOS?

right now i have downloaded Asterisk 11.6-cert2 .gZ file. But don’t know the procedure to use this file and change the version of PBX.

The version should be displayed when you start an interactive Asterisk console. I think core show version, at the CLI , also provides that information. Doing an rpm query for the file /usr/sbin/asterisk will tell you the package version.

You can force an older version using rpm. I’m not sure what facilities yum has for doing that, but that is a yum question, rather than an Asterisk one.