Douts and Problems in Asterisk

Hello to all this community!!! well guys I something new using Asterisk have some doubts, also I have some problems configuring devices with Asterisk. So i need help please

Well first things first, i started recently to monitoring calls using a SPAN Port Mirror with a swith Cisco Switch 2960 (I don’t know is the best way to monitoring RTP traffic) using Wireshark like monitor.I wonder if it is possible to use that pcap file from the Wireshark to get the MOS value (through an application or script). i try to use VoIPmonitor but dont read correctly pcap files. Anyone know a tool or method for get MOS from PCAP files?

The second probem i got is about the configuracion of the soem devices. My company acquired a PLANET GATEWAY VIP-480 FXS for using like SIP clients. The problem is when I register 2 o more that VIP-FXS, for a while keep it register in a server but about 5 or 10 minutes begin to deregister randomly and independently. i never see that kind of problem. The most strange part is,
although it is not registered, the gateways can call but not receive calls form other users. when I use the command “sip show peers” show me the status is UNKNOWN.

I added few parameters in my sip.conf file but nothing doesn’t work for me. I really need you help please!!! :smiley: