DoorPhone Analog System

Hello everyone!

I have an office in building tha have 20 aparments. We have an old analog doorphone system which require each resident to have an analog phone in their room. We like to change our aparment system to IP Doorphone.
I Cant change the system of the all buiding, i only can change my system of my office, but i cant put another keypad on the building door, i need to use the analag keypad whit this cables, and if exist i can put in my office something that convert the analog system to IP system.

We already have an asterisk voip system in our office for telephony.


Sorry for the english

Not sure exactly what you want here. Do you want a VoIP phone in each apartment?

However I have connected an analogue door entry system to an asterisk server. I used a small CISCO ATA to plug the door entry system into and then had the system reprogrammed to dial the correct extension number for each office. This worked fine.