Key System to Asterisk Converson


Finally I have convinced my boss to let me convert our outdated key system to an Asterisk PBX solution.

Incoming we have 8 analog lines (2 of which have rollover), and we have approximately 25 stations.

My first question is what kind of digium hardware would we need to use?

Secondly is this something you think I can do myself or would it be best to go with something like a switchvox type solution?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Glen,

Asterisk will do a great job of this but I would highly recommend getting help from an experienced Asterisk professional to help you or you could find yourself in hot water with your boss!

An 8 line, 25 station production environment is not somewhere you want to be have ‘teething’ problems.

For hardware, I would highly recommend a card with hardware echo cancellation - lifes tough enough without echo!

Good luck,

Sean Browne
Cardiff IT Support Ltd
0800 011 2931

Truthfully I would like to go to bootcamp and learn it since I work for a small ILEC it would be a great thing for us to offer Asterisk to our Small Business customers.

I think im going to setup a simple box at home and then try to experiment some with a larger system. First things first gotta setup a small system. VoIP isn’t necessary atm, simply put we really need to get a call directory and individual voicemail.

Thanks for the quick response!!! Glad to be a member of the community.

If you are not on a time cruch you can do this for yourself if you have a basic linux understanding. If you have never used linux and need soemthing implemented right away hire it out.

I highly suggest you buy\download the book Asterisk: The Future of Telephony and read at least the first couple of sections cover to cover and build a test system. If you feel confident then move on to the next step otherwise hire it out.

Thanks for the infos.

As far as linux goes I definately am proficient, and also have networking experience (CCNA, and others but I rarely mention Microsoft stuff). First thing is to build a test system, which a TDM400P bundle is otw.

I guess my main question now is with the above specifications (8 analog lines, 25 stations) which hardware would you recommend?

Since we are the ILEC I can easily setup my own lab first before implementing.