Speech to text in Asterisk

Is asterisk support realtime speech to text transcription?
Because I need speech recognition while phone conversation between call center and customer.
for example
ext 100:hello
ext 200:hello I’m blah blah blah
Is there anyway to transcript with Japanese language?
Please give me advice.
I need urgent.
Thank you

Speech recognition and speech to text are two different things. People have written AGIs to use outside services for speech recognition, but I don’t think anyone has done speech to text. Regardless Asterisk itself does not provide an engine to do this. It’s up to something outside.

You could look at Clarify, http://clarify.io/ They had a product at Astricon a few years back that did word tagging from conversations via an API.

Thank you so much for your reply.

Use IBM Speech to Text is easy to implement with asterisk!


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I used IBM Speech to Text,but it is not OK for Speaker label.Please suggest me.
Thank jersonjunior for your suggestion.

We have done voicemail to text with googles API , quality is varible due to teh way people speak and how googles spech to text system works. http://www.cyber-cottage.eu/?p=1801 gives brief overview

email for more info

I’ve done some basic work with Google Speech API, even Japanese.
You can find a working prototype here GitHub.

You will run into some serious complications trying to translate a long conversation. I use it for a IVR system, asking and translating response questions for a survey.


Speech to text is starting off at a big disadvantage on telephones anyway, because the high frequency response of the PSTN, and codecs designed for it, doesn’t accurately reproduce sibilants (s, h, sh, etc.).

Also, in my view,speaker independent, continuous, speech recognition, by machine, is still a research topic.