Does asterisk gui 2.0 come with ARI and FOP

Does asterisk gui 2.0 come with Voicemail & Recordings (ARI) and Flash Operator Panel (FOP)? If not, where and how do we install?

No. Asterisk GUI 2.0 is still the digium developed GUI not FreePBX.

FreePBX does include FOP and ARI but they can be downloaded/installed seperately.


ARI needs to get pulled from the FreePBX site as the original developers site went offline sometime in the last year or so.

for asterisk gui, what are people using for asterisk recording interface? hoping something that is GNU license.

Can you help us to find it? Thanks :wink:

Found it: … -2.5.1.tgz

[quote=“mirke”]Found it: … -2.5.1.tgz[/quote]

Has anyone been successful installing this with asterisk-gui 2.0 with asterisk 1.4.22?

The issue I had with ARI and the gui was that the gui uses the users.conf whereas ARI uses voicemail.conf for authentification.

This may be fixed in later releases but not looked recently