Do you think it is possible?

Hi everyone. Do you think that it will be possible (with the help of this forum) to bring up a asterisk server in the next two days without any previous asterisk experience and a little linux experience. The problem is that i made a very bad choice on software pbx (3cx) and now the company i work as an it manager has really ALOT of problems. Before reverting back to classic pbx i really have to try to bring up a server in order to save all that money spend on gxp2020 (75 of them) and patton 4960 with 1 E1 interface and my reputation (if not my job)

Thank you all in advanced
Denis M

As a stopgap, you might try AsteriskNow.

Then as you learn it, you might go with a custom installation you build yourself.

Yes, it is possible.

First, the hardware. You need two good quality server level boxes to put the E1 cards in, a big UPS, and the wiring has to already be done. One box will be your testing/backup box.

Next, you need software. I tend to prefer AsteriskNOW, for easy set up and web based configuration management. It can also automatically provision the Grandstream phones.

Stay away from the beta distributions. I know they are probably more stable than Windows Vista (lol) but for a production environment, get used to being one version back, then testing the snot out of it on a backup system.

I’ve never worked with one of the Patton boxes, and have no idea whether Asterisk even supports it.

Next, you will need information. - wise man - how do i… - the reference - what became AsteriskNOW

And of course you have found Asterisk Forums.

Best of luck.

I have no e1 cards. Patton is the e1 trunk, and is a box with ethernet and e1 interface. It is configured and working with 3cx

Any recommendation about host OS??

AsteriskNOW makes that decision for you, “rpath” from the CentOS/Fedora/RHEL family.

Supervisor password kept by AsteriskNow, you must use “sudo” for all supervisor functions.

I prefer the CentOS and SuSE distributions. RPM’s are interchangable. … rumpost717

its from an italian site easyasterisk. This config its exactly (even sip account) the same 3cx provided for me. I think now that patton will work but:
I know this will sound silly i told you no asterisk experience (i am currently reading through installation) but which is the ini file this portion goes in




Marco Bruni

I would strongly recommend PBX in a Flash ( as a second choice. You can be up and running in about an hour on those systems.

Check them out and read documentation first. Trixbox has a controversial add-in which reports back to the corporation sponsoring it so beware.

Good luck!