Install question

I am the new person for learn the asterisk.
I have few question want to ask.

1.If I download AsteriskNOW Beta 4 (x86 LiveCD) and burn and boot and install. Should I need to install the rest of the file I download from asterisk ?

2.Can I use the asterisk without the digium card because I have outbound PBX?

Thanks for help!!

  1. the AsteriskNOW iso will be all you need to have a system up and running. no other software required.

  2. you don’t need anything other than a NIC to run Asterisk. what additional hardware you do need depends on what you want to interconnect with.

I havent used *now, but as i understand it *now comes with asterisk so you don’t need to install asterisk again.

That depends. If you can connect to your PBX via any sort of VoIP protocol, ie SIP, IAX2, h323, etc then Asterisk can use it to send out your calls over Ethernet.
If not then you will need some kind of card to connect to your PBX. If your pbx only has analog channels you will need a Digium TDM400 series card or equivalent. Sangoma is good, stay away from the TDM400 clones. If it has a free PRI (T1/E1/J1) type port then you need a Digium PRI card (make sure it’s for the right PCI slot type). Sangoma also makes good PRI cards.

So short version, Asterisk can do VoIP out of the box but as soon as you get off of VoIP/ethernet you need hardware

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I use Asterisk Live CD, the system show that when I power off the system the configuration will disappear.
That mean,I have to use AsteriskNOW Beta 4 (32-bit) to burn and boot in a empty hard disc and it will automatic install the system and software?
Is this the way I can keep the configuration?

it would appear so. unless they’ve included a way for you to specify some removable media as the location for your configs like i think you can with AstLinux