Do NOT upgrade from AMP to FreePBX!

Unless you want to lose the ability to restore any of your saved configs (I suppose you can dismantle the tarballs and restore by hand, but…) If you install AAH 2.x (I’ve repro’ed this with 2.5 and 2.7), you end up with AMP 1.0.10 (I believe). If you then install freePBX 2.0.1 on top of that (via the install_amp script), it claims to be upgrading everything, and I saw no errors, but the backup&restore functionality ends up totally broken. You can create backup schedules and make snapshots and whatall, but if you click on restore link, when you click on the schedule name, you get an error:

“The section you requested does not exist or you do not
have access to it.”

I had opened a bug earlier but it was closed as the developer could no duplicate it. I opened another this AM with more specific duplication instructions (e.g. install AAH, then install freePBX on top of it…)

Did you open an AAH bug or a freePBX bug? I’ve reported the same problem to the freePBX developers.

Make sure btw, that /var/lib/php/sessions is chown’d to the asterisk user, so it can read/write in that location.

I spoke to the freePBX developers and there is a fix for this:

Either rename your /var/www/html/admin directory and re-run the install_amp script, or remove the following file:


Like I said, I opened a bug and it was closed. I opened another one, but haven’t been online to check for an update. Thanks for the workaround! I’m not real fluent in php and such, so I had no clue where to start looking :frowning:

Hmmm, I see a /var/lib/php/session (no ‘s’ at the end), but it’s owned by root:apache? Empty. I didn’t change the ownership, but was able to create a new snapshot, and browsing the ‘snapshot’ under restore fixed it. Thx!

Yeah, the /var/lib/php/sessions fix actually relates to the CDR bug ( but I suggested it anyway. The second post of mine has the fix for the restore problem.

ah, thx!