AMP is Dead for now!

Asterisk 1.2 is End of Life as of yesterday.

AMP does not support Asterisk 1.4 and will not till it releases AMP 2.3

try freepbx 2.3. i’ve been using it for awhile and it’s been stable.

Where do you get it from?
It is not on the sourceforge page?

I am trying to get only freepbx 2.3 … _id=132595

Only has 2.2.1 … continued/

VOIP IP Telephony Says:
March 12th, 2007 at 9:00 pm
Multi tenant FreePBX

According to Rob over at FreePBX, the long discussed project to make FreePBX a multi tenant Voip application, IPPBX is on the way.He will put more efforts into making FreePBX 2.3 multi tenant ready;

sorry, i got it via svn. you can find out how on the development wiki.

I went looking but could not find it.

Which wiki?

Can you throw a brother a link!

sorry, here: