Hardware requirements for a Call Center?

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been looking around and can’t really find anything concrete on suitable hardware requirements for an outbound Call Center. They’ll be making up to 50 concurrent phone calls (with room for some expansion)

At 64kb/s, I’ll need a 4megabite pipe to handle the uncompressed volumes but I have no idea on the Processor and Memory requirements.

Could anyone suggest a processor and memory configuration that’s sufficient for this volume?

Thanks a bunch!

I setup a server for a call center with 60 seats and 10 to 15 concurrent inbound calls (something like 2000 calls per day), the call are coming directly from a voip itsp termination and from an Audiocodes E1 gateway, the server is a new Poweredge, 1 Xeon 2 GHZ dual core, with 2 GB RAM and fast serial scsi disks, to handle the calls the cpu usage goes from 1% to 15% so a server like this could be ok for your setup but to be sure I would put in 2 Xeon dual core, because we are using fxs sip gateways to terminate the calls to the agents and most of the calls come in from the E1 gateway and this offload quite a good amount of work from the server and also the cpu usage varies depending on the type of service and some other factors like the codecs for voice processing.

Hope it helps.