How much concurrent outbound calls can do with Asterisk?

how much outbound calls can be possible with asterisk 13? i want to make 500 calls at a time, for this what will be hardware requirement? can we do more than 1000 calls at a time by asterisk like freeswitch? i have also set the and check the NAT setting

There is no fixed built in limit. It depends on the hardware as you’ve stated but also what you do with the calls, and how many you are setting up per second.

what will be the hardware requirement for making 300 concurrent outbound calls by using asterisk?

In general, you will not get an answer to such questions. The best you will get is a statement that assuming certain things, people have handled at least a particular number of calls.

I’m a (retired) developer, so I work with small model systems, often on virtual hardware, so I have no practical experience of sizing for production environments.

If you are using E1, you will need 10, and I don’t know that there is any hardware that will support that many. In any case you should be talking to the vendors.

If you are using VoIP, that level of traffic will almost certainly require a special contract with the service provider, so you will need to be talking to them.

In terms of CPU usage, the details of your usage can make an order of magnitude difference in the requirements.

Thanks you sir, I want to know only basic idea b’coz in last one year i have worked many servers like IBD blade server, Dell , HP and assemble servers make more then 200 calls at a time but now i want to a basic idea to make more tha 1000 calls by using asterisk or freeswitch(recently i heard about this).plz guide which one is good for this ???

You have to run your own benchmarks, based on how you are going to use the servers.

The number of concurrent calls is not the only factor impacting the load on a server - that is why hardly anyone would give you an answer or even a guide. Apart from the number of calls, the following factors should be considered:

  • Channel drivers being used

  • Audio codecs being used

  • Direct media or media proxying

  • Dialplan complexity and applications

What I can recommend you is to learn sipp and simulate a required scenario (including the number of concurrent calls) in a real configuration on a real server. The output of sipp itself and linux command top will give you a benchmark.

tnx @Pentium-5 for suggestion