Do I have to recompile after kernel update?

Hello, everyone. I’m wondering if I have to recompile zaptel, libpri and asterisk after the kernel update?

Depends on your distro but zaptel is what needs to get recompiled/reinstalled.

Thanks for your reply. I’m using CentOS. Could anyone tell me what is exactly the process? Do I have to restart the server (so it starts using a new kernel), or I could recompile before? Do I have to delete the old modules first?

it’s always a good idea to remove the modules, particularly as a different kernel build can put the compiled modules (not the Asterisk modules though) in different locations. although it’s also a good idea to remove all the Asterisk modules too prior to a “make install”

i would say you want to restart the server with the new kernel, then check your logs for any errors. then stop Asterisk and Zaptel and recompile. reload both and check the logs again. test and release !!