Diversion header


we have trixbox running with 2.8 running with asterisk 1.6

i have a customer who has changed from provider.

when the customer leaves the offices he wants to forward all calls to his cell phone.

all of that is working perfectly, but the number appearing on the cell phone is the number from the office.

We want the CID number appearing on the cell phone.

out provider supports this with a diversion header.

the is the explination in the manual from the provider:

The invite message needs to contain the information of the call originator:
From: sip:32997000@;tag=7810debb-b384-4693-bfbd-c8c0882ab539-29102869
Remote-Party-ID: sip:32997000@;party=calling;screen=yes;privacy=off

The invite message needs to contain the information of the forwarding party:
Diversion: sip:32997006@;reason=unconditional;privacy=off;screen=no

i have absolutly no idea how we need to implement this in asterisk/Trixbox.

You need Asterisk 1.8 for Connected Line Presentation update, which includes Diversion header support.

You may be able to use SIPAddHeader, to fake it.

Yes, using SIPAddHeader application is a solution for this. But you will need to write the dialplan yourself. The Trixbox GUI will not offer you this option.

can somebody tell me how i can do this for this dial plan.

can anyone post me an example based on the standard dial plan ?

There isn’t a standard dialplan. You need to contact the person who wrote yours.

nobody wrote my dialplan, it is a default dialplan which is in trixbox.

so can somebody please explain it to me …

You will need to contact the Trixbox people. Except that Trixbox is abandonware.

The Trixbox code is not part of Asterisk.