SIP Diversion header


I’m trying to include the callerid in the diversion header. It should look like this:

Diversion: <sip:[displayed number]>;reason=unconditional

I tried the following line in the dial plan:

exten => s,1,SIPAddHeader(Diversion: sip:0011234567891;reason=unconditional)

But it is not working. No caller id is shown. I also tried different variations of it, all in vain. In fact, I don’t even see any diversion header in the sip packages.

I’m using Asterisk PBX

Any help is highly appreciated!


Anyone? Please? :frowning:

ccore show function REDIRECTING

-= Info about function ‘REDIRECTING’ =-

Not available

Not available

Not available

Not available

[See Also]
Not available

XML not installed ?

Alternatively - google helps - e.g.: … EDIRECTING