Diversion Header questions


We’ve recently installed & started using an Asterisk system along with elastix. We’ve set up an outbound route that needs to display an 866 number. Originally, our provider (Cbeyond) said it would be no problem for them to set that up. We would use a number that they’d given us & they would set up the outbound ID to show the 866 number. Now they say they can’t because the outbound route has to have a real number that they’ve given us. When they try to set the outbound ID to the 866 number on there side the line no longer works for outbound calls. They told me I have to set the outbound ID with a “Diversion Header”. I’ve done some research but haven’t found anything that gives me clarity on where I need to go to edit or effect the Diversion Header.

Does anybody have any ideas or understanding of what they’re asking me to do? Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Steve

It’s easy to add a custom SIP header to the INVITE request. You would use the SipAddHeader() command right before you execute your Dial(). The Diversion header would look something like:

exten => blah,1,SipSetHeader("Diversion: blahblahblah")
exten => blah,n,Dial(SIP/something/somethnigelse,30)

Now, i have no idea what a Diversion header does, nor do I know what is supposed to go in there. You will have to speak with your carrier to determine that. The example above should enable you to properly set the header once you know what you are supposed to put in there.


Thanks G,

Once I get the information that will fill out that code I don’t know where it’s going to go. I’m assuming into a specific config file?


That snippet of code goes on the extensions.conf file (commonly referred to as the dial plan).


Using elastix my extensions.conf file tells me not to edit it but to go to the extensions_custom.conf file to make edits. It looks pretty straight forward but I’ll still need to talk to my carrier about what the specifics are going to be to get it to spoof the 866 outbound ID.

I really appreciate your help. Steve