Displaying the name of the person assoiciated with an extens

Does anyone know if it’s possible to display the name of the person you’re calling on the phone? For instance, if John is at extension 133 and I want to call him, but don’t remember for sure if that’s his number (and don’t want to look it up in the directory), I dial 133 and see who picks up. It would sure be helpful if I could somehow attach the name onto the “133” that gets displayed on the phone. i.e. “133 - John”.

If possible, this will also come in handy for other extensions that I’ve “speed dialed” to call outside companies. i.e. extension 4444 could show on the phone “ABC Company,” that way the user would know that they dialed the correct speeddial extension.

I’m running asterisk and using Polycom 650 phones with SIP 3.0 firmware.