Display name of dialed extension with Polycom IP 550 phone

We have a phone system running Trixbox 2.8 with Asterisk 1.6. I would like to have my Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 telephones display the caller ID name of the extension I am dialing. Currently when I dial an internal extension, the phone shows:

To: 800


I would like it to show:

To: John Doe


I am able to display the caller ID of the person I am calling on other systems by enabling the “Use Directory Names” within the Polycom phone browser and creating contact list XML files on the phone system. However, I have tried setting this option and adding the contacts list the phones on this system with no change. Is there another option that I am missing?

You want Asterisk 1.8 and it’s support for Connected Line updates via Remote Party ID or P-Asserted Identity.

See the sendrpid and trustrpid parameters in sip.conf for Asterisk 1.8

I am able to do this on other Asterisk 1.6 boxes with seemingly the same configuration. Which is why I’m confused as to why it’s not working on this system.

What’s confusing is why it is working on the other systems, as Asterisk 1.6 just doesn’t have that capability.

I figured this one out. The firmware on the Polycoms was old. I updated to 3.3 and this worked. The Polycom phones pull the information off of the contact list XML file.

Thank you