Caller number problem

we have configured that when calling a particular number, the call is redirected to a cellphone. however, when the call comes, the office number is displayed and not the number of the caller. what can we set in the extension.conf file so that correctly show me the caller’s number? thank you

The simplest, one line, redirect dialplan will have the wanted behaviour. However responsible service providers will only allow you to set a caller ID for a number that you have proved you control, and, for cheaper accounts, will probably not even allow that.

Actually, passing the Calling-Party’s number on to a Cel is a perfectly valid use-case and is supported by most SIP trunking providers - Who are you using for trunking?

I’m not using any, but it shouldn’t be allowed, as it is a gift for phone spammers.

If allowed the number should be flagged as failed to screen, so that downstream systems know not to trust it.

Yes. I Thank i can but…
Change this not work:

Right - if it’s not working, it is probably being blocked by the carrier - some require a P-Asserted Identity so that they are sure the call is actually coming from you (since the Caller-ID is foreign) before they will let it pass - others use a registered trunk as enough validation to let foreign CID pass - Chwbecca - What trunking provider are you using?