Prefix Caller ID

I am a newbie to Asterisk and have only been working with it for a month and I must say that it is far superior to any other telephone system that I have ever worked with!!

I am trying to pre append the incoming caller ID so that we know which number was dialled, we are running Asterisk and a HP DL 360 and a TDM411P on CentOS 4.

So far Asterisk has been great what we are trying to achieve is this:

7 Telephone Agents all responding to one Queue. 10 DID numbers coming into the one queue. When the agent see’s on their display the CLI we would want it to say SUPPORT: XXXXXXXX or SALES: XXXXXXXX

I am sure this is possible however I am unable to find any postings here that relate to this.

I think you’re lookin for something like this:

exten => XXXXXXX,n,SetCIDName(Support$(CALLERIDNUM))

this is most likely not exactly right i dont do this on mine, but give it a shot if u want hope it helps

I think we use something similar to this for our eyebeam softphones:

exten => NXX,n,SetCallerID(CUST-SVC_${CALLERIDNUM})

iamq08 might have better syntax - i’m 99% sure this works for us across the board, give it a shot.