Discard sound packets below certain decibel

ls that possible to do on asterisk server? Or it has to be done on client side.
l am working with devices that has no hardware echo cancellation. l have not found a software solution on client side yet, so l am just wondering if it is possible to for asterisk to analyze and discard sound packets conditionally

It is best done at the originating side, which can be client or server, depending on who set up the call, or may not have any defined terminology, if not VoIP.

As far as I am aware, Asterisk support for silence suppression is minimal or non-existent, although it might be worth seeing if conference bridges do Vox. Silence suppression wasn’t supported in core Asterisk in 2015.

I’m pretty sure that no silence suppression is based on decibel levels, as that would involve doing an FFT or at least a high order digital filter, to do the A weighting that is normally associated with acoustic decibel values.

ok, sounds like what l asked is not possible to do from asterisk side. Thanks.

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