Does Asterisk support silence suppression?

I can see in this bug;, that silence suppression is supported in asterisk.

I saw many articles on the net and they sid that silence suppression is not supported in asterisk and it’s recommended to turn off silence suppression in the sip clients (phones)

I m using asterisk 1.8 and I do not know if the silence suppression is supported for all codec?
If it’s supported how to activate/deactivate silence suppression per codec?

I can see in the code: “addons/ooh323c/src/ooCapability.c”

/* Ignore silence suppression parameter unless cap is g7231 */ if(cap == OO_G7231) params->silenceSuppression = silenceSuppression; else params->silenceSuppression = FALSE; /* Set to false for g711 and g729*/

that silence suppression is supported only for H323 and G723.1 codec.
Could you confirm that?

Asterisk doesn’t do silence suppression.

Whatever’s going on in the OOH.323 channel driver there, which is an addon and isn’t part of Asterisk’s main distribution, doesn’t have anything to do with the core of Asterisk supporting silence suppression (it doesn’t).