Silence Supression problem - The line often cuts!

Hi all,

I have a question for all you Asterisk’s lover!

Ok, I setup a site with over 300 phones and everything went well. People can use their phones with all the features without any problems. The only inconvenient, and I’m starting to receive some complaints about it, is when people are in a conversation but are not talking. The silence is replaced by nothing, leaving a feeling that the phone call has been cut.

Let’s say it’s an old person talking on the phone and this person has to take alot of pause when he’s talking, that means the person at the other end will have the feeling that the line cuts because he will hear some sounds (person talking), and then hears nothing (no sound at all), and then again some sounds, and nothing again… Anyways, the feeling is that the line often cuts… It can be annoying sometimes…

Is there a way we can fix that issue with asterisk?

I know that with the gateway I’m using there’s something that can be done from there, but I’ve read that asterisk doesn’t like that and that it can conflict with the voicemail and some other feature.

Is there a workaround that can be done in order to fix that problem once and for all?

  1. Does this problem only happen when terminating to the PSTN?

  2. Tell us more about your setup. Asterisk version, hardware, phones, etc.

My first thoughts are that you have aggressive echo suppression on.

It’s all good. my problem is now fix.

I activated the ‘silent suppression’ on my ATA’s and now everything works like a charm!