Disable call waiting in SIP configuration

Hi all,

How do I disable the call waiting in sip.conf?


there is no call-waiting in sip.conf. this is more likely to be a feature of your dialplan. you could look at call-limit though. voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+config+sip.conf

are you using a distro built for Asterisk, or a GUI that has call-waiting as a feature ?

Please, could you give me more info how to setup call waiting in the dialplan. I always thought it is the feature of an ATA. It turns out asterisk can do it as well?

if you’re not familiar enough to do your own, i would suggest installing AMP or FreePBX, or at the very least, looking through the config files an install generates. the call-waiting methodology in these products will probably be ok for you.