Call waiting

Hi Gurus,

May I ask how to configure call waiting in asterisk 11?

I found it in the config file of chan_dahdi.conf but if i try to modify, it doesnt work well.

I’m using a SIP trunk.


What are you using as phones? If you are using IP Phones, then call hold is more or less a feature of the phone. You don’t need to configure anything in Asterisk.

i’m using a softphone xlite. By default, call waiting is enabled. How can i disable it?

If you can’t disable call-waiting on the sofpthone, you can try with “call-limit=1” for the device in sip.conf.

; ** Old configuration options **
; The “call-limit” configuation option is considered old is replaced
; by new functionality. To enable callcounters, you use the new
; “callcounter” setting (for extension states in queue and subscriptions)
; You are encouraged to use the dialplan groupcount functionality
; to enforce call limits instead of using this channel-specific method.
; You can still set limits per device in sip.conf or in a database by using
; “setvar” to set variables that can be used in the dialplan for various limits.

And if you are using SIP trunk you dont have nothing to do on the chan_dahdi.conf

Oh, I didn’t realize that this is new in Asterisk 11. Thanks for the observation.

You can still use my advice on Asaterisk 1.8 and 1.6 :smile:


Thanks for the replies! You mentioned use group count to limit calls.

Do you mean if i set a gotoif group count > 1 then i can disable call waiting?


GROUP_COUNT() Counts the number of channels in the specified group.

This is the Syntax:GROUP_COUNT(groupname@category)

Here you have a running example:


exten =>_57.1,Noop(Received call to extension ${EXTEN})

exten =>_57.,n,Set(GROUP()=${CONTEXT})) ; fist create the group

exten =>_57.,n,GotoIf($[ ${GROUP_COUNT()} >2]?maxreached) ; verify

exten =>_57.,n,Set(MYTRUNK=voipms)






Thanks ambiorixg12! I understand it fully now.