AMI Events

I have a setup where I use AMI to expose Asterisk features into third party softwares. Specifically this is a single AMI connection from a service on another machine that desktop software registeres stuff to. Given the historical problems with Asterisk (I’m using 1.8 ) having multiple AMI connections this seemed like a good way to do things.

At any rate, this AMI setup works fine. However, the service that is generating the AMI session frequently has memory issues because it gets spammed with mammoth amounts of AMI Event traffic. I do not use or want this traffic. So I fired up a second AMI session, and did:

Action: Events
EventMask: Off

and get a response saying that this has been turned off. However, I run wireshark on the machine the service is running on, and the Asterisk machine is still sending it massive AMI Event traffic.

Does turning events on/off only affect the session that issues the Action? And if this is the case (which is what it seems like), is there a way I can turn AMI Events off in the CLI? And if not (also seems like the case) do I need to explicitly put this change somewhere in the manager.conf or in the service code that does the Action: Login to start the session?

Thanks in advance for any/all info you guys can provide.

Remove read permission, in all categories, for the AMI user (in manager.conf).

Are there wider implications to turning read off in the manager.conf? I.e. will only events be affected, or will other stuff (like CoreShowChannels, etc) be affected?

Thanks again, David.

I am pretty sure that all actions, even if only requests for information, are treated as needing write permission.