DISA problem

Hey guyz! I got a problem while using DISA. I set the Asterisk to initiate a custom action in the auto attendent. When a person call from the PSTN, the auto attendent will answer the call. I’ve set a custom action DISA to run on the auto attendent. But when the DISA application runs, I cannot dial anything from my analog phone to call an extension. But when i tried doing a looping test from my local extension by pressing ‘7777’ the DISA command works perfectly. Issit the zapata.conf configuration error or others? Thankz guyz. :cry:

I solved it! The error lies at the echo cancellation part. Before this i edited the zconfig.h file for the echo_suppression thing. Then it makes the DISA not working. Now got it recompiled without the echo_suppression and it works like charm. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: