DISA problem (can't hear a thing)

Hello, everyone.
I’m having a problem with DISA command (asterisk 1.2.10).



When I dial from a mobile to 123123123 I get a new dial tone, am able to dial another time (I’m trying to call another mobile). The second mobile rings and I can take the call. BUT I can’t hear a thing. I can see that the call between two mobiles is established (the seconds are ticking, the ballance is decreasing), but I can’t hear the other party on any of the mobiles.

Please, help me to resolve this.
Below is the console output:

-- Executing DISA("SIP/123123123-b7b086e0", "no-password|disa-ext") in new stack
-- Executing Dial("SIP/345345345-b7b086e0", "SIP/345345345@provider-out|45|r") in new stack
-- Called 345345345@provider-out
-- SIP/provider-out-08799bd0 is making progress passing it to SIP/123123122-b7b086e0
-- SIP/provider-out-08799bd0 answered SIP/123123122-b7b086e0
-- Attempting native bridge of SIP/123123122-b7b086e0 and SIP/provider-out-08799bd0

== Spawn extension (disa-ext, 679763816, 12) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/123123122-b7b086e0’

Thanks in advance

Resolved. Forgot to set canreinvite=no