Directed Call Pickup

Very new and extremely impressed with Asterisk.
Our current phone system has a directed call pickup feature -
You hear your phone ringing, you can press a “pick” button and dial your extension on a remote phone and answer your phone.
I can not figure out how to do this with Astersik. I am aware of the group pickup and dialing *8, I am afraid this will not work for us, I want more of a directed call pickup.
Any help or config examples would be greatly appreciated, we are using polycom 501 and 601 phones with directed call pickup enabled

Thank you

use the application Pickup(). you can do:

exten => _999.,1,Pickup(${EXTEN:3})

so you then dial 999 followed by the extension you want to answer. It will then answer that extension. has more info, hopefully this is what you are looking for!