Group Pickup with Polycom groupcallpickup@pbxserver

I’m using the Polycom 650 phone with asterisk 1.8.11 cert.
I’m trying to use the builtin Group Pickup feature on the Polycom’s and is doesn’t work.

Keep in mind if I dial *8 to pickup a group call it works just fine.

Last week I contacted polycom and they stated that when I press the pickup button on their phone it’s actually hardcoded to send the asterisk box groupcallpickup@pbxserveraddress.

So my question is how can I modify my asterisk server via maybe a extension_custom.conf to interpret the groupcallpickup as *8. If there is a redirect of some sort ?

This is what someone recommended but doesn’t work so I may be missing something.

exten=> _groupcallpickup,1,Verbose(3,Received groupcallpickup from endpoint, redirecting to *8)
exten=> _groupcallpickup,n,Goto(from-internal,*8,1)

Should work, although the _ is unnecessary. You will need to provide logs showing exactly how it failed.

Alternatively, replace *8 by grouppickup.