Not sure where else to get help as dinstar does not have a forum to help.

Currently I have a dinstar GSM gateway DWG2000-1G-V211

Working great with asterisk but now I would like to disable incoming calls to only forward them using dinstar and the outbound calls Asterisk can handle it.

The issue with the call forwarding not sure why I can put any number besides +57 315 it shows parameters failed not sure why?

Thank you

Following http://www.dinstar.com/uploads/soft/150513/DWG2000-1GUserManualv1.0%EF%BC%882015.5.13%EF%BC%89.pdf You shoud probably enter the callforwarding number in E164-format (without the + sign). Just give it a try …

Thank you for the reply,
I tried everything an no go. I even reset it and tried it nothing and after resetting nothing :frowning:

Im going to try another SIM

Thank you anyway