Problem in getting dialed number for incoming calls

Hi there,

I have 8 port dinstar gsm gateway with 8 different sim cards inserted. I want to forward call to according to 8 different sim cards number.
For example If someone is calling on 1234XXXXX (which is in gsm gateway port 1) number then ring extension 1000. If someone calling on 4567XXXXX (which is in gsm gateway port 2) number then ring extension 1001 likewise.
Is there any solution to get dialed number from dial plan ?

The extension that is executed in the dialplan is the dialed number. It’s up to the originating device to send this. If it’s not then you would need to examine the signaling to see if such information is present.

The incoming dialled number is the extension number at which the dialplan is initially entered. If that is not happening, you need to tell us how the number is provided to Asterisk, including the channel driver in use.