Caller ID Forwarding

Hi Guys.

I currently have Asterisk installed with a GSM Gateway attached. I have several hardphone with internal extensions.

The GSM gateway is configured with a SIP trunk for outbound calls, and it has its own SIP extension from the Asterisk server for inbound. For the purpose of this post, the extension is 8100.

Now when i dial in through my GSM gateway (so i dial the GSM gateway SIM phone number), it gives me the choice to dial any extension. If i dial the extension of 1 of my internal hard phones, the GSM Gateway SIP ID (8100) shows on the Caller Display, as does the Caller ID of the phone i was dialling in with (in this instance the mobile phone in my hand).

Now i also have another system with a SIP trunk established to my Asterisk Server. This has the extension range of 3100-3130 from my asterisk server. If i make a call through my GSM gateway, and dial extensions 3100-3130, it forwards to the other system, but display the caller ID of 8100 (GSM Gateway extension) and not the Caller ID of the mobile phone in my hand.

My question is, is there a way to forward only the CLI/Caller ID of the caller and not the SIP extension of the GSM Gateway. I have had very little support from Dinstar on the setup of the GSM gateway but i think i have exhausted all possiblities at the Gateway. As the CLI shows up on my hardphones as a secondary callerID i assume that there may be something i can do in asterisk so make it show as the primary CallerID, or i am hoping so anyway.

Thanks in advanceā€¦Michael

That sounds like an issue with the gateway, if it is on the incoming side. You have not told us what it is.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my post.

It is a Dinstar DWG2000/2001.

The CLI of my external mobile phone is forwarded through to my Yealink Hard IP Phones (the top line of the display shows my mobile phone CLI, and the bottom line of the display shows the extension number of the GSM Gateway (8100) flashing)

It is not forwarded to essentially what is my soft phone.