Dimensioning an Asterisk system > 1000 concurrent calls

we will install a voip-system via asterisk for > 1000 concurrent calls.
for the project we found a hp server with 4 cpus (2,6 GHz) and 16 GB RAM and we cane cluster 2 maschines -> 8 cpus 32 GB ram.

we will use g711, no transcoding and no digium hardware only 2 nic’s.

is it possible to built such system or must we use a other hardware?

thanks hutchinson

depends on what type of calls you are talking about - from your description, it sounds like you are looking at SIP or IAX calls only with no Zap channels.

i just load-tested one of our systems on friday and was able to hit 256 simultaneous SIP-to-SIP calls (no transcoding) on a dual-proc Dell 2850 w/ 4GB of RAM. the limiting factor seemed to be the CPU, and that was only a problem during call setup/teardown (we were initiating calls in batches of 50).

i don’t have any experience with SER, but you probably want to look at implementing a SIP proxy, as those can scale into the tens of thousands of calls per second, but they do not provide all of the advanced features of a PBX. still, using that as a bridgehead or gateway might be exactly what you need and would allow you to reach your goal easily. again, i don’t know much about SIP proxies but i believe that is the direction you should be looking in.