Asterisk Server Specification to Handle 100 Concurrent Calls

Hello Everyone

Greeting Day for everyone.

I would like to ask which one is the best server configuration for 100 concurrent calls in Asterisk Server.

Below are my current specification:

  1. I am using SIP Trunk for making Inbound and Outbound calls (200 SIP Lines )
  2. Current Asterisk 11.8 (Please advice which is the stable Version for calls without noise and disturbance)
  3. OS Centos 6.8 (Any other OS is needed)
  4. PHP 5.4 (Advice)
  5. MySQL 5.6 (Advice)
  6. RAM 4GB (Advice)
  7. HDD 1 TB (Advice)

Any update Please let me know.

Needed your expert advice on this.

There should be no performance issues with 100 simultaneous calls. Use some cheap 4 core Xeon and you should be fine. Your RAM and disk space looks fine. Also it doesn’t matter too much which version you are using. Just pick up a stable branch. (For SIP trunking you will use only the core functionalities which are pretty stable in all versions). I am currently using Asterisk 13 with no any issues (20% CPU load with 40 simultaneous calls, but I am using a lots of modules).

Noise and distortion are normally the results of overloading some part of the system and are not Asterisk stability issues, so any version should be good from that point of view.

Transcoding can have negative effect on the maximum of calls. The ability to use direct media can have a positive effect. Both can be quite large (maybe up to an order of magnitude).

It is all depending on what you do in a call, but for reference I had my provider do the following as a load test :
Maintain a total of 50 calls during a 1 hour period.
Each call lasted 2-3 minutes, 2 calls lasted 1 hour.
Each call would play a message.
Peak CPU usage was 13%, but most of the time this stayed well below 10%.

The server is a Dell 630R with 2 Intel® Xeon® E5-2603 v3 1.6GHz,15M Cache,6.40GT/s QPI,No Turbo,No HT,6C/6T (85W) Max
Memory 1600MHz 8GB RDIMM
HDD RAID 6, (PERC H730 RAID Controller, 1GB NV Cache) with 6 disks of 250GB 7.2K RPM SATA 6Gbps 2.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive

CentOS 7.3
Asterisk 13.15 (at that time, currently 13.16)
MariaDB cluster 10.1.20
PhP 5.4.16


if you have call recording enable then it will impact on system performance.

thanks to all for updating on my request.

In current configuration we have enabled call recording service along with outgoing call on their respective agents
If 10 incoming calls landing on the server it will connect 10 different or same outgoing agents simultaneously that will consume 20 SIP channels if more incoming calls it could consume more channels.

So, We are assuming upcoming traffic will be increase upto 100 concurrent calls it means 50 incoming calls and 50 outgoing calls via same SIP Channel, so kindly advice what is the best Hardware System and Server specification.