Asterisk Theoretical Max Concurrent Calls


I want to build an Asterisk server that is able to deal with as many concurrent calls as possible. Let’s suppose that I can buy any hardware available in the market today to set up my server (a top CPU, tons of RAM…), and let’s also forget about the network bandwidth restrictions. What would be the theoretical limit of concurrent calls that Asterisk could manage?

I don’t need to use any special features, just make outbound calls.

I know that there is no exact answer, so a rough number would be enough.

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P.D: I found this link, but it seems pretty outdated:

By the assumption that you have unlimited budget then you can go for the ASTERISK + SIP Proxy setup to have thousands(yes thousands) of Sip devices distributed somewhere.

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Hi, and thanks for answer!

I’m pretty ignorant about SIP Proxy Servers. Aren’t they primarily used to deal with internal calls, rather than to manage calls to external numbers?

If I just use an Asterisk system, sparing the SIP Proxy setup, would it be enough to handle 1000 simultaneous calls?

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In my experience, Asterisk is not so stable under high load.
I would recommend to search after for some paid solution because you can find softswitches on the market which can easily handle 1000 simultaneous calls on a low-end server, so you will save more on the hardware costs then you would save with the free Asterisk.

I searched the issue tracker and didn’t find any issues that you’d opened. :frowning:

Do you have any issues that you’d like to report, that you can provide logs and backtraces for, that would help on the path to make Asterisk better?