2000 SIP Can Run On Single Asterisk Box

I’m going to setup a asterisk box with 2000 SIP Extensions can anyone tell me is this possible if yes then tell me how to handle so many concurrent lines.

Plz reply…

Fistly 2000 SIP connections should be perfectly fine, just make sure the system has plenty of CPU Power and Plenty of RAM as much as possible with the memory side of things.

Then there is also the factor that not all 2000 SIP connections are going to be online all at the same time making phone calls, if they are then i will be shocked.




with 2000 sip client registered in a 3.Ghz CPU and 2.GHz RAM about how many calls at the same time before asterisk wil get collapsed?

thanks for suggestion buh i think more then 1000 concurrent lines will be enable…

so please help me out in this way

by the way how many SIP concurrent connection Asterisk Supports???

It depends of the codec you are using. The most compressed it is the more processor power you’ll need.

is Asterisk handling media too or just call setup and teardown ?

there are lots of factors that influence the number of registrations and concurrent calls … there is no hard and fast rule. look in the wiki for “Asterisk dimensioning” for real-life experiences of Asterisk in action.

Forgot that… 1000 users listening to voicemail or music on hold…

how about 1000 users listening to voicemail or music on hold in g729 :smiley:

thank you friends to helping me out in this way…i was visited at wiki “Asterisk dimentioning” and that helpfull enough, according to them yes you can use 1000 concurrent calls at the same time buh its requires a heavy CPU and High System Memory…