Can Asterisk/Digium cards replace an existing IVR


I’m a newbie here, and dont know if this is the good forum.
Here is my question :

I’m currently using an old IVR developped by myself a dozen years ago.
This IVR is built with Dialogic cards ( 4 E1s currently ) and an application of my own.
It is used with overpaid numbers and has basic functionnalities : answer call, switch between audio and video calls, generate outgoing call, and generate daily statistics for each called number.

So what I’d like to know is : Can I do all this with Digium cards ? and how ?

I bought a TE120P a few months ago, have installed Asterisk, libpri, zaptel and so on; but didn’t find access to the ISDN functionnalities ( in the need for switching audio and video calls ) nor any documentation about it.

Can anyone give me a solution ?

Thanks a lot.

Have a look at “the book”: for starters. Also look around and #asterisk on

As I’m sure you will have found from the info that Dovid posted you can achieve what you want with Asterisk. On the specific statistics question have a look at