Digium TDM404B

I have Trixbox and asterisk running on a dell server with CentOS (latest release). I just installed a digium tcm404b card. At the console I see the card using the lspci command.

I see this information:

[pbx.westpa.net ~]# cat /proc/zaptel/*
Span 1: WCTDM/0 “Wildcard TDM410P Board 1” (MASTER)
IRQ misses: 1

       1 WCTDM/0/0
       2 WCTDM/0/1
       3 WCTDM/0/2
       4 WCTDM/0/3

THEN I get this when I show the zap channels.

pbxCLI> zap show channels
Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret
pseudo from-zaptel en default

I have obviously not done something right with this card. I have the first port on the card plugged into a linksys PAP2 which I am using with our VoIP provider for one line right now. Eventually I will cancel my copper and go to all VoIP.

Any guidance is appreciated (or direct me to the proper forum for help).