Stuck in a loop with Digium D40/DMPA

We bought D40s because of their compatibility with Asterisk, but we’re having a big problem with DPMA. The phone loses its ability to find a DHCP server after it has downloaded the user profile and restarted. This is a loop which goes like:

  1. Turn on phone. Enter Digium Configuration Server IP address/port (as Avahi multicast does not seem to work on my BT V3 switch/router)
  2. Phone successfully finds user profile from res_digium_phone.conf. (We know this works, as it did a firmware update)
  3. Phone restarts
  4. Phone can no longer find DHCP server (although picks up the network details correctly from the res_digium_phone.conf file). Shows network IP setting of DHCP/
  5. Enter static IP address in phone.
  6. Phone restarts.
  7. Enter Digium Configuration Server IP address/port manually, as in step 1.
  8. Phone says ‘no configuration servers found’.
  9. Factory reset phone.
  10. Go to step 1.

It looks like the act of downloading the settings causes the network settings to be wiped, and with them the DHCP server address.

We are following the example file closely. Our settings are:


service_discovery_enabled=yes service_name=stevepractice userlist_auth=disabled mdns_address= mdns_port=5060 file_directory=/var/lib/asterisk/digium_phones


type=network alias=stevenetwork cidr= registration_address= registration_port=5060 file_url_prefix= public_firmware_url_prefix= network_vlan_discovery_mode=MANUAL sip_qos=3 rtp_qos=6 network_vlan_id=4 pc_vlan_id=10 pc_qos=2 sip_dscp=24 rtp_dscp=46

Sadly, we can only register the phones using their web interface, which makes them just like any other IP phone.


I suspect your configuration’s incorrect in some way. The best thing you can do is run it down with our Support department directly. We don’t do Support via these forums, they’re just a community resource. You can contact our Support department via the means outlined at

They’ll have you run an autosupport script that’ll pull all of your config files.