[solved] Where to get "digium_phones_firmware"?

The firmware linked by the digium below has been confirmed as working.


  1. Place the firmware into a web hosted directory, this is now the firmware server
  2. update res_digium_phone.conf to reflect the path:


  1. verify download in a browser

  2. log into the IP address of the phone

Question: “I manually logged into the phone’s gui, but it refuses to take up it’s new firmware and I have verified that it is indeed web hosted and downloadable”

Solution: Fiddle with settings in [general], bang your head against the wall, and wear down your fingers trying every option possible.

For me in this case, asterisk had a boo boo regarding the setting “web_ui_enabled=yes” being in general. It wants it in the individual phone setting or else it will have an aneurism, gobbling up untold volumes of previous time.

When installing the DPMA, it makes reference to a “digium_phones_firmware” but doesn’t seem to be specific about what it is, where it may be found for download, or where to put it after it’s downloaded.

It seems to suggest this is necessary for operation.

I checked over the downloads section, and did a google search, but was unable to root out the details.

Have any ideas?


Where, exactly, is this reference made?

Firmware is available from:
downloads.digium.com/pub/telepho … /firmware/

As noted on this wiki page:
wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … +Downloads

Which references this other wiki page:
wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … figuration

for more information about firmware and Digium phones.