Digium D70 Firmware Upgrade Failure

I keep getting an error on Firmware upgrades for a D70 that says:

Error Uploading Firmware: There was an problem writing the firmware to disk

I have upgraded a D40 and a D50 from the same folder (package from website) so I know there aren’t any problems with the download. The D70 is running 1.3.2 and I’m going to 1.3.3. Anyone else had this problem? I have also tried changing browsers, restarting the browser and making sure my proxy settings are turned off just in case.

Works for me.

Maybe try factory defaulting it first and then see if things go better. If not, ring up our Support people. No inherent problems making that upgrade, so it’s something unusual for you.

Ok. I will give it a shot and let you know.

I got the same issue today when I try to upgrade a D70 v 1_0_5_46476 to the last upgrade.
Do you solved this error ?

I have the same error when try upgrade a D70 v 1_1_3_0 to the v 1_4_0_2
Have you solved this error?