Headsets HELP

I really need some help. I am a headset vendor and my customer is using the recommended headsets for their Digium D70 and D40 phones and they are having nothing but problems. This has been going on since September. After testing ALL the recommended headsets and more…tech support at Digium is tell them it’s a volume issue or it’s the headset, or it’s this, or it’s that…! I have another customer using the same phones and set up with a the same headsets and they don’t have a problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated…my direct email is nancyl@comfortel.com

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If the phones are the same and the headsets are the same; where one setup is fine and another isn’t, the next thing to check is the configuration. First, examine the firmware on the phones. If that’s different, make them the same (use the latest, 1.3.0, currently). Then, examine the configuration - there are different volume settings for speaker, handset and headset, make sure headset’s the same for both setups.

Also, the Support channel for Digium’s commercial products is digium.com/support

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Thanks…I’ll pass the info to the customers. I have suggested at this point that when the headset starts to act up to plug a handset from another phone in the same port and see what the results are. If the results are the same then I’mm thinking the headset ports might be bad.