Differnt CALLERIDs per channel for multi-Dial()?


for doing parallel call forwarding, I need a different caller ID per target.

E.g. a call comes in and I want to both ring my desk-phone and my mobile, I end up with something like:


While on the SIP phone I can correctly see who’s calling, on the mobile I just see our company’s base phone number (as the PSTN resets it).

I would like to set a different CALLERID for the trunk dial without losing the original for the SIP dial.

That way, when receiving a forwarded call on my mobile, I could differentiate e.g. between calls to my private extension and calls to the support number.

But for the SIP dial, I still want to keep the original caller ID, of course.

Is there any way to achieve this?




Use a Local channels and set the callerID in that.


Fantastic! Didn’t know about that feature yet.
And it also answers so many other questions…

Thanks a lot