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I have 100 numbers mapped to 100 Extensions. I have one SIP trunk for incoming and one SIP trunk for outgoing. Can i have the asterisk server configured in such a way that it will show the caller ID as a same number which is unique to each extension ?

EXT101 - Number Mapped to 22334455
EXT102 - Number Mapped to 66778899

and so on

what i want is at this stage if someone call to 22334455 it will only ring EXT101, but how can i have the outgoing call from EXT101 to show as 22334455 as a caller ID


I think you mean device, not extensions, i.e. your first sentence should read “I have 100 extensions mapped to 100 devices”.

Only SIP clients can send caller ID forward. The Asterisk daemon acts as both client and server.

By default, Asterisk will pass the caller ID provided by the device through to the callee. However, you can override this in the channel technoloyg configuration. For chan_sip, this is done with the callerid option in sip.conf. Asterisk deesn’t eistinuish between trunks and local devices.

You can also explicitly manipulate it in the dialplan, in arbitrary ways, by assigning to ${CALLERID(num), possibly based on its incoming value.

You will need to discsuss with your service provider how they handle user provided caller ID, as many will force the use of the pilot number. Responsiblie providers will not accept arbitrary numbers but will require you to prove that you control that number before they will allow you to present it.

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