Simultaneously Ring Multiple Channels but set different CIDs


A simple simultaneous ring with a SIP channel and a ZAP channel works something like this:

exten => 100,1,Set(CALLERID(number)=2125551212)
exten => 100,2,Dial(SIP/100&Zap/g1/12125552121|20|t)

This works great as long as you don’t mind sending the same caller id to both channels (2125551212 in the above example). In my case, I’d like to send different caller ID numbers to each channel. For example, it would make sense to prepend a 1 to the 10 digit cid number displayed on the SIP Channel (so redial works with my dialplan) but not on the outbound zap channel.

Any ideas on how to send different CID’s when ringing multiple channels simultaneously? Thanks for all the help!


look at example 3 … this might be the way to go. using the Local channel, you can effectively use 2 sections of the dialplan, and therefore perhaps set the differing CID just before dialling each extension.

worth a look.

baconbuttie, thank you for the idea. Just did a quick test and it worked fine. I will test it more tomorrow. Thanks again!