How to create one caller ID for more that one outgoing call number


I have 2 numbers I call from I would like to have their numbers show up when I call from them.

So if I call from 111111 I would want to see 111111 in the phone that receives the call and the same for the other number. I have it currently set for the one number but when I phone out with the second number the fist numbers caller ID shows.

An help will be appreciated thanks.

Insufficient information, but the chances are you are using chan_sip with multiple accounts on the same provider.

The basic solution, is either set the trunk up to signal caller ID in a way acceptable to the provider and use CALLERID(num) to set a caller ID that the provider has agreed to accept; or set the trunks up in a way that the provider has enough information to know which trunk is in use and arrange with them to present a caller ID determined by the trunk.

Fine details will depend on your contract with the provider, and whether you are using analogue, ISDN, H.323, IAX, chan_sip, or chan_pjsip, etc,