Different users, which appear the same on the outside


I have an issue which i haven’t been able to come around for a long time so I hope you can help me!

I register at customers pbx’s as extension from an opensips machine.
Asterisk also knows about these extensions through Realtime.
Customers call these extensions and Asterisk connects them through dialplan to another extension.(this works without problems)

My issue is that multiple customers now want 500 as extension, and I can’t put multiple 500 extensions in realtime as Name value must be unique.

I tried experimenting with putting in name some unique value like 500ASD and 500ESD. and place in from and touser the 500… But i have no idea what value is actually influencing what in asterisk. Some documentation about this would be great :smile:

I’ve tried solving it through opensips but I run into some authentication issues, as the hashes are calculated with different data on my side and customers side.

Has anyone an idea on where to look? Or how to even tackle this problem?

If my issue is unclear to you, feel free to ask!

This is called a multi-tenant system. You generally use a different context for each tenant. I don’t see why that won’t work with Realtime.

I don’t see how that that gives me the ability to create two 500 extensions?

I’m going to experiment removing the Unique requirement for Name in the table :smile:

What David is telling you is to do something like this:




exten => 500,1,...

exten => 500,1,...