ASP Asterisk

I’m looking for an open source solution or a fork that allow to provide VoIP access to different groups independently from Asterisk.

Exemples :
-2 extensions of different groups can have the same number
-The extensions of a group cannot call those of another

Does anyone know if there is a way? a project?


as long as the sip/iax2 users are unique, then you can specify what contexts in extensions.conf they have access to. that way you can have the same “extension” used in multiple contexts, giving different results for different users.

do you need an example ?

Yep, I don’t really understand : you mean that an estension number can be used by many extensions (2,3,4) ? for exemple :

bob : 2000
kate : 2000
Alice : 2000

What happend if someone call the 2000?

Indeed an exemple could be usefull.

not quite.

2 users defined in sip.conf

callerid=Fred <200>

callerid=Tom <200>

in extensions.conf

exten => 200,1,Dial(SIP/usera)

exten => 200,1,Dial(SIP/userb)

does that help. it’s very simplified, but you should be able to get what i mean.

Allright! I’ll try it. Thank you very much

Well I cannot configure context in the Asterisknow interface. Is there an interface like FreePBX (not compatible with Asterisk 1.4) that provide context configuration?

how can you not configure context ? i’m not familiar with AsteriskNOW, but you must be able to specify the context that a user or device “starts” in.

if it’s not available in the GUI, you’ll have to edit the conf files manually.