Asterisk realtime scenario help


Suppose that I have multiple * servers running on real time, and I want customer 1 which has 2 extension setup to call each other even on different servers, I want customer 1 be able to call extensions using their sip usernames which is a 9 digit number and also a corresponding 3 digit number.

For example customer 1 has
101 = 888000101
102 = 888000102

Either number should be able to call either as well even on different servers. I only use sip

I know that dundi can do that

Enlighten me

use the regserver field in sip_buddies(or in the sip user table in DB)
check this out
and dial(sip@domain)

I would have used it if the article was complete on how to use it

plz try this which close to your Resuiremnt
i Customer 1 extensiuon.conf mention 2 seprate context for extension 1 for 3 digit & 1 for 9 digit like this

101 => 101,1,Macro(stdexten,101,SIP/101)
102 => 102,1,Macro(stdexten,102,SIP/102)
include => extension-2

888000101 =>888000101.Macro(stdexten,888000101,SIP/888000101)
888000102 =>888000101.Macro(stdexten,888000102,SIP/888000102)

this will work for you one more thing you need to do make such 2 user config in Sip.conf one for 101 & other for 888000101. then thgis will work
i think server 2 can call this server 1 customer extension
this may help you using sip.


Are you able to get the sip user DB working properly?
Are you able to get the regserver column working?

Yes everything is working properly

Try making calls across asterisk with IP instead of regserver name.

From what I remember, I’ve created a table that maps domain name with IP and use regserver IP to make calls across *